Life begins at 40*

As part of the new generation of "boutique" translators, our mission is to provide specialized services for clients striving to communicate from Japanese to English. 


With CAT (computer aided translation**),   human translators use computer software to assist in the translation process — like engi-neers who use CAD/CAM to design products and control manufacturing processes. 

BJ Honyaku (translation) is built on a solid foun- 

dation spanning three decades of in-house experience at a major Japanese machine tool manufacturer. As the manager/editor of Japanese-to-English documentation,  BJ super- vised technical,  marketing, financial, and legal translations.  He also assisted in setting up an office in  East Asian.  Investor relations, speech- writing, and narrating of keynote presentations and corporate videos were also part of the job.

Moreover, stints as India and Australia / New Zealand sales manager helped me speak the machine-shop lingo used by production engi- neers and machinists.

Our vision is to provide a trustworthy trans-lation of  Japan's innovative  "monozukuri"***  for the manufacturing community at large.


* The first forty years of life give us the text: the next thirty supply the commentary. 

— Arthur Schopenhauer (19th century German philosopher)  

** Not to be confused with MT (machine trans- lation)
 *** "Monozukuri": artisans making things — better than ever; Japanese style manufacturing based on  engineering skills and craftsmanship. See Is Japanese Manufacturing Style (so-called Monozukuri) really robust?

[And Yes, we have two felines; one appears in our logo.]




CAT(Computer Aided Translation**)を使用することによって、人間である翻訳者がCAD / CAMを使用して製品を設計し、製造プロセスを制御する技術者のように、翻訳プロセスを支援するためにパソコンソフトを使用します。

​BJ Honyakuは、日本の大手工作機械メーカーで30年以上の社内経験を持つ堅固な基盤上に構築されています。日英資料の担当・編集局長として、技術資料、マーケティング、財務、法務翻訳を監督しました。尚、東アジア拠点の設立を支援しました。尚、演説翻訳、IR関連業務、重要講演や企業ビデオのナレーションなども仕事の一部でした。







** MT (Machine Translation)と 混同さ れ ては なりません。 

***「モノづくり」は、職人の技能と熟練に基づく日本風の製造。Is Japanese Manufacturing Style (so-called Monozukuri) really robust? をご参照してください。



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